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I'm doing a scholarship contest and I need you guys to help me chose a picture! I'd enjoy it if you guys really help. I dislike all my work, as a good artist should. Any imput would be great, please just take the time and look through the cut and help me decide on a picture I should pick!

John Gomez- The Summer Set (taken on 12/26/08)

Alex Deleon- The Cab (taken on 12/26/08)

Craig Owens- Chiodos (taken on 10/26/08)

William Beckett- The Academy Is... (taken on 10/18/08)

If I win, I'll get money and with that money I'll take better pictures ngl. And most likely take a class or two of photography and art at Glendale Community College

Por favor look at my pictures. Baha, begging. Still please.
Tags: imput, scholarship
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